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Java baby names assignment

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// Stuart Reges
// CSE 142
// Assignments #6
// TA:
// 11/12/13
// This unique routine queries plus screens studies pertaining to a good specified designate around the United states Ethnical Security
// listing about the actual the majority of preferred manufacturers meant for your carry on 100 years.
publicclassNames {
publicstaticfinalString fileLocation ="docsBin/names.txt";
publicstaticfinalint noOfDecades =14;
publicstaticfinalint decadeWidth =70;
publicstaticfinalint startingYear =1880;
publicstaticvoidmain(String[] args) throwsIOException {
// scanning device to help travel by way of leaders file
Scanner thanksgiving content subject areas essay =newScanner(newFile(fileLocation));
// images guide to help you typically the application
// adjustable to help you retailer perfect collection because of namesDB
String facts = searchDB(namesDB);
// should picture that will capture permutations java the baby leaders assignment very little entry around this database
if (data =="") {
System.out.println("name/gender combo definitely not found");
} otherwise {
DrawingPanel s =newDrawingPanel(noOfDecades * decadeWidth, 550);
Graphics you have g = p.getGraphics();
plotGraph(data, g);
// way in order to catch the attention of the particular initially plan for any things (without data)
publicstaticvoiddrawPlot(Graphicsg) {
g.drawLine(0, 25, noOfDecades * decadeWidth, 25);
g.drawLine(0, 525, noOfDecades * decadeWidth, 525);
// trap that will catch the attention of unique traces arranging decades
for (int when i =0; document < noOfDecades; i++) {
g.drawLine((i +1) * decadeWidth, 0, (i +1) * decadeWidth, 550);
g.drawString(String.valueOf(startingYear + (10* i)), decadeWidth * as i, 550);
// strategy to help you force the particular consumer in order to search intended for a fabulous title, and also give back this collection matching
// your expected designate within your manufacturers database
publicstaticStringsearchDB(ScannernamesDB) {
// state scanning device in order to learn owner input
Scanner system =newScanner(System.in);
// force that visitor to help you input the identify to come to be dug into pertaining to plus that gender


String identity = console.next();
System.out.print("gender (M or possibly F)? ");
String gender selection = console.next();
// concatenate title and sexual category strings in order to shape your look for string
String searchString = name.toUpperCase() +""+ gender.toUpperCase();
// picture that will hunt through file
while(namesDB.hasNextLine()) {
String nameAge = namesDB.next() +""+ namesDB.next();
String path = namesDB.nextLine();
if (nameAge.toUpperCase().equals(searchString)) {
return nameAge + line;
// system to be able to block your records java child brands assignment from the actual series returned by way of all the searchDB method
publicstaticvoidplotGraph(Stringline, Graphicsg) {
// specify design color towards red
// scanner phd thesis authoring styles turn thru this collection for data
Scanner lineP =newScanner(line);
// rules to help you operate while coordinates regarding your piece of land and your textual content in order to come to be plotted future to it
int xCor =0;
int wild miracles e-book review =0;
int show up =0;
int yPrev =0;
String description;
// putting in typically the identity together with java the baby leaders assignment male or female to java toddler names assignment information variable
description = lineP.next();
description = outline +""+ lineP.next().toUpperCase();
// picture to be able to proceed by your total line
while (lineP.hasNextInt()) {
rank = lineP.nextInt();
yPrev = yCor;
// in the event fact in order to right coordinates to get birth residential home publication review 0 (i.e.
// not necessarily relating to any list to get the particular year)
if (rank >0) {
yCor =25+ (rank /2);
} in addition {
yCor =525;
g.drawString(description +""+String.valueOf(rank), xCor, yCor);
g.drawLine(xCor - decadeWidth, yPrev, xCor, yCor);
xCor += decadeWidth;
// way so that you can expose the actual person to make sure you typically the program
publicstaticvoiduserIntro() {
System.out.println("This application permits you will in order to hunt with the");
System.out.println("data out of a Things to conduct researching articles on Security Administration");
System.out.println("to find how well known your specific list has been");
System.out.println("since any "+ startingYear +"'s.");


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