Themes in Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde

 Themes in Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde Essay

The Themes of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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Serena Richard

Mrs. Capyk


Monday, Oct 6th, 2014

In the brief story, The Strange Circumstance of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, we are introduced to many elaborate characters that in turn help mold and create incredibly captivating and universal themes. Two themes that will be analyzed in even more detail are excellent vs . Bad and Companionship.

Our initial notable idea is Good or Evil and the struggle that accompanies this powerful fight for domination. Dr Jekyll, a great and brilliant man, is at a constant fight with the evil inside himself. He is lured by dark fantasies that control his mind. Jekyll believes that " man is not truly a single, but genuinely two” (Stevenson, 83). This speaks for the duality of human nature and shows that the physician believes he can fully independent the good and evil halves of the physique. Thus Doctor Jekyll creates another variation of him self, named Hyde, that helps him fulfill all his evil fantasies. By creating this kind of persona, Jekyll is allowing for the bad inside of him to become even more prominent. He describes getting Hyde since feeling " younger, brighter, happier in body” and having evil " braced and delighted [him] like wine” (Stevenson, 86). In Jekyll's perspective, nasty is clearing. In the end it absolutely was also his downfall, " God understands; I am careless; this is certainly my the case hour of death, and what is to follow concerns one more than me. Here then simply, as I put together the pen and proceed to seal up my admission, I take the life of these unhappy Henry Jekyll for an end” (Stevenson, 108). Jekyll gives up and lets bad, personified in Hyde, take complete control of his body and mind. When an individual makes the decision to give evil dominance rather than allow meaning values and goodness to overcome it, we allow evil to overpower us. As Robert Louis Stevenson once said, " In each individuals, two natures are at warfare – the favorable and the wicked. All our lives the battle goes on between them, and one of them must get over. But in our own hands is the power to decide on – what we want the majority of to be we are”. In this instance, Jekyll decides evil over good. Most people has this kind of choice.

Individuals, there is no inner struggle between Good versus Evil nevertheless there is an external one in their very own understanding of the world around them. Certain individuals' initially instinct is usually to only begin to see the good in people, so it is very hard for them to know and recognize that wicked exists. Inside the Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a situation develops where a cleaning service servant becomes the witness to a awful crime. The maid is looking out her bedroom windows when " she started to be aware of a great aged and beautiful gentleman with white colored hair, pulling near over the lane; and advancing to fulfill him, one other and very little gentleman, to whom at first your woman paid less attention. This did not seem as if the main topic of his address were of big importance; certainly, from his pointing, this sometimes made an appearance as if this individual were just inquiring his way; nevertheless the moon shone on his confront as he spoke, and the lady was very happy to watch that, it appeared to breathe this kind of innocent and old‐world closeness of temperament, yet with something large too, as of a well‐founded self‐content” (Stevenson, 29). She was not worried about their behaviour or objective. The house maid felt the girl was witnessing pure goodness and serenity, there was no reason to suspect evil - until Hyde's actions marred her perceptions. "[A]lmost all of a unexpected [Hyde] pennyless out in a great flame of anger, stamping with his feet, brandishing the cane, and carrying upon [... ] like a madman. The old man took one step back, with all the air of one very much amazed and a trifle hurt; and at that Mr. Hyde broke away of all bounds and clubbed him to the earth. And then moment, with ape‐like fury, he was trampling his patient under foot and hailing down bad weather of produces, under which the bones were audibly broken and the body jumped upon the roadway. At the horror of these...

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