The Outsiders

 The Outsiders Research Newspaper

The outsiders: Examine Guide terms.

1 . Standpoint

The point of view is within 1st person according to Ponyboy.

2 . Setting

Set in the early fifties (greasy hair)

3. Rounded ending

The storyline starts and ends with Pony's british paper.

4. Conflict

Man versus Man-Ponyboy versus Darry

Man vs . Nature- Ponyboy and Ashton vs . open fire in the house of worship

Man or society- greasers vs . socs

Man vs . himself- ponyboy learns to grow into a much better person than his close friends. Man versus technology- socs and greasers vs . firearms and switchblades 5. Fatalities

1 . Father and mother

2 . Bob

3. Jonny

4. Dally

6. Emblems

The sun

Gone together with the Wind

The poem

7. Robert Frost's poem, " Practically nothing Gold Can easily Stay”

I do believe it's saying everyone will something bad. It might certainly not be while bad because killing someone, but everyone sins and everyone does a thing they usually are supposed to do eventually.

eight. Socs versus Greasers









Linger; dawdle





Steve Randall


9. Hero

Ponyboy sacrificed himself to save the kids coming from getting burned in the chapel. Johnny as well sacrificed him self to save the children and being killed. Plus, he was great throughout the tale and an excellent role style most of the time pertaining to Pony. Dally can be considered a hero, although can also be regarded as not because he killed three people.

10. Family members

It is very arguable, but Personally, i do think they are often considered friends and family. It is not just because of the blood. It is also because they support each other and are with each other at all times. Some of these boys spend more time with each other then their own parents. 10. Violence

In my opinion, violence is never ok, nevertheless this can be debatable also. A lot of people think that assault can be used for several things, such as self defence, but I know have to say My spouse and i don't have confidence in violence among people. Certainly, there was a lot of assault in this history. Such as, switchblades, guns and abusive...

 Guyanese Racial Research Conventional paper

Guyanese Racial Research Conventional paper

Guyanese Racial Greens Guyanese Bean dip Most often, bean dip is enjoyed at barbeques or friends and family get together or perhaps…...

 1940 H Exigency Argument Essay

1940 H Exigency Argument Essay

OneВ definitionВ ofВ exigencyВ isВ anВ urgentВ needВ orВ demand. В В SomeВ synonymsВ areВ requirementВ andВ necessity. В В Therefore, В doesn'tВ itВ justВ makeВ senseВ thatВ weВ shouldВ recognizeВ theВ exigency, В orВ important, В issuesВ ofВ eachВ decade. В В HowВ elseВ willВ weВ learnВ andВ improve? В В AndВ whatВ wasВ moreВ importantВ inВ theВ 1940'sВ thanВ WorldВ WarВ II? В В AfterВ WorldВ WarВ I, В ourВ governmentВ revertedВ backВ toВ GeorgeВ Washington'sВ philosophyВ ofВ noВ foreignВ alliances. В В ThisВ planВ wasВ changedВ afterВ theВ JapaneseВ bombedВ PearlВ Harbor, В andВ thusВ initiatedВ theВ UnitedВ StatesВ intoВ theВ war. В В ThisВ showedВ politiciansВ then, В andВ evenВ now, В thatВ В justВ becauseВ weВ areВ neutralВ doesВ notВ meanВ thatВ everyoneВ elseВ willВ treatВ usВ so. В TheВ warВ providedВ anВ opportunityВ forВ womenВ toВ getВ involvedВ inВ theВ worldВ ofВ work, В thatВ wouldВ notВ haveВ otherwiseВ beenВ available. В WithВ aВ largeВ majorityВ ofВ USВ menВ havingВ toВ fightВ inВ Europe, В thereВ wasВ aВ drasticВ shortageВ ofВ menВ toВ workВ inВ theВ factories. В ThisВ wasВ answeredВ byВ theВ womenВ whoВ wereВ availableВ toВ work.…...