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Title: The right way to Live on 24 Hours a Day

Author: Arnold Bennett

Placing Date: October 23, 08 [EBook #2274]

Release Particular date: August, 2k

Language: English language

Character collection encoding: ISO-8859-1


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How to Go on Twenty-Four Hours a Day


Arnold Bennett


This kind of preface, though placed at the beginning, as a preface must be, must be read by the end of the publication. I have received a large amount of communication concerning this small operate, and many reviews of it—some of them nearly as long as the book itself—have been published. But scarcely any of the comment has been undesirable. Some people have got objected to a frivolity of tone; but as the strengthen is not really, in my opinion, in any way frivolous, this objection did not impress myself; and had simply no weightier reproach been submit I might nearly have been persuaded that the amount was faultless! A more significant stricture has, however , been offered—not in the press, although by manifold obviously sincere correspondents—and I have to deal with this. A reference to page 43 will show that I anticipated and feared this kind of disapprobation. The sentence against which protests have been produced is as comes after: —" In the majority of occasions he [the common man] does not precisely feel a passion for his business; at best this individual does not detest it. He begins his business capabilities with some unwillingness, as overdue as he can easily, and this individual ends associated with joy, around he can. Wonderful engines, while he is engaged in his business, are hardly ever at their full 'h. p. '" I am assured, in accents of unmistakable truthfulness, that there are many business men—not merely individuals in large positions or perhaps with excellent prospects, but modest subordinates with no desire of at any time being far better off—who carry out enjoy their very own business capabilities, who usually do not shirk all of them, who tend not to arrive at school as late as possible and depart at the earliest possible time, who, in short, put the entire of their pressure into their day's work and therefore are genuinely tired at the end thereof. I was ready to consider it. I really do believe that. I know it. I always knew it. Both in London and the pays it has been my lot to spend long years in subordinate situations of business; as well as the fact did not escape me personally that a particular proportion of my peers showed what amounted to the honest enthusiasm for their obligations, and that when engaged in these duties we were holding really living to the fullest level of which these were capable. Yet I continue to be convinced the particular fortunate and happy individuals (happier maybe than that they guessed) did not and do not make up a majority, or perhaps anything just like a majority. I actually remain convinced that the majority of decent average careful men of business (men with dreams and ideals) do not as a rule go home of the night genuinely tired. We remain persuaded that they put not as much but since little of themselves because they conscientiously can into the making of a livelihood, and that their very own vocation bores rather than they are passionate about. Nevertheless, My spouse and i admit which the minority is of sufficient importance to worth attention, and this I should not to...

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