Job Rotation, Enlargement, Enrichment Example

 Job Rotation, Enlargement, Enrichment Example Article

Solved Example on Task Rotation, Task Enlargement and Job Enrichment

Q. Westside store at present has the following departments: -

- Men's Apparel

-- Women's Attire

- Children's Apparel

-- Footwear

- Homestore

You will discover 6 sales staff working in each department, a couple of cash counter tops with three or more cashiers each, 1 Customer Care Department with 2 workers. Each section has a senior sales executive who guarantees the smooth jogging of the department, 1 stockist who bank checks the products on hand for product/ size/colour supply, Manager Revenue and a Senior Product sales Manager. You can also find 2 managers for the shop in shops.

Offer Job Rotation, Job Enlargement and Job Enrichment for just about any suitable location. Assume suited data.

Solution: -

Assumptions: -

1 ) All sales people are on similar Job Level

2 . The Stockist and Customer Care Professional are at the same Job level.

3. The Managers of all departments are in the same Task Level.

5. The Older Managers of most departments are at the same Work Level.

five. The cashier and sales people are at a similar job level


Location Selected: -- Salesmen of each and every department

Number of Departments: five, Number of Sales people per Dept=6, total number of salesmen=5*6=30.

6months 6months6months6months 6months

Job Rotation is a supervision approach exactly where employees will be shifted among two or more projects or jobs at regular intervals of your energy. In this case the 6 sales staff can be given per division and then could get shifted to other departments every 6 months. For instance because shown in the fig 6 salesmen may be assigned to the women's clothes department for a period of 6 months, then shifted to the mens apparel section for six months, following which in turn to the different departments consecutively after every 6 months. Hence they are going to get trained to work in all the departments.

Placement Selected: - Cashier and 6 Sales staff


In accordance with the assumption the cahier and salesmen are at the same job level.

Range of Cashiers=2*3=6

Number of Salesmen=6.

Job Rotation is known as a management approach where staff are moved between two or more assignments or perhaps jobs at regular intervals of time. In this case the six cashiers are put at the money counter for the period of 5months following that they are altered to the Mens Apparel Department. After completing five months inside the men's dept they are then simply shifted back to the cash counter-top. After five months they can be then altered to the could department. Therefore they acquire exposure in the cash table and the distinct departments.

Position Selected: -- Sales Administrator

6months 6months 6months 6months 6months

Make sure you frame the answer on similar lines because given over.


Work enlargement is actually a job design technique in which there is a rise in the number of tasks associated with a certain job. In other words, it means elevating the range of one's tasks and obligations. The increase in scope is definitely quantitative in nature but not qualitative including the same level.

Position Chosen: - Salesmen

There are 6th salesmen designated per department. Two departments can be merged and the salesmen can be given to the combined department. For instance combine the Men's and Women's Clothing Department, 12 salesmen will now be responsible for the two departments rather than 1 . Consequently there is an added responsibility in the quantity of operate the same level, hence Task Enlargement is usually provided.

Situation Selected: - Stockist and Customer Care Business.

As per the supposition the stockist and customer service executive have reached the same job level.

Job Profile of Stockist+Job Profile of 1 Customer Care Executive=New Task Profile(at same level)

Therefore there is an additional...

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