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• Little Italian community called Equino--born in 1227.

• Packs him off to a monastery at the age of a few.

• Aquinas can be huge! This huge person. The foolish ox was his play name.

• On the other hand, in spite of his physical presence, he was brilliant. One of the things he can do was read a book and remember every word.

• Sit within a lecture area, at the end from the lecture, this individual could do it again verbatim.


○ Yes, there are varieties, but they simply exist in instantiated.

○ Most of his functions were shed after the traditional age

○ They conserved texts in logic and the west experienced boethius to translate traditional texts in Latin.

○ Muslim students read Aristotle.

○ Aristotle is the hot new thing

§ He discuss the world in emperical statement.

§ The ancient church was dominated by a particular look at of explanation. Augustine thought the reason is innately flawed

• The regle of dual truth

○ Something might be true, theologically, but not philosophically.

○ Same the other way round

○ Jones Aquinas actually manages to rehabillitate aristotle and this individual incorporates Aristotle in his theology.

• Anselm

○ Aquinas can be attacking this kind of argument. Ontological (being, existence) argument.

○ Anselm say people accept ontological arguments.

• Aquinas

○ We can use to similar method aristotle used to purpose and confirm the existence of Goodness.

○ Cosmological fights that God exists.

• What's higher than God may be the idea that God actually is available

○ Shown by Anselm

○ Aquinas doesn't accept this debate

○ Is actually only powerful to people who have think Our god exists. Weight loss just think Our god into presence.

○ Instead, Aquinas says we could figure out the existence of God by evidence and CAUSE AND EFFECT

○ Cause and effect via Aristotle

§ Says you are able to figure out the cosmos to prove The almighty

• Aristotle

○ Based on the church (augustinians) they think purpose is innately flawed and unreliable and must be enhanced by thought

○ The...

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