1 . Learning is defined as " the process of acquiring through knowledge new and relatively long-lasting Information or perhaps behaviors. ”

2 . Two forms of associative learning will be classical fitness, in which the affected person associates __________, and operant conditioning, where the organism co-workers __________. a.  two or more responses; an answer and result

b.  two or more stimuli; two or more reactions

c.  two or more stimuli; a response and consequence

d.  two or maybe more responses; two or more stimuli

3. In Pavlov's experiments, the tone began as a neutral stimulus, then became a(n) Conditioned stimulation.

4. Dogs have been taught to drool to a ring but not to a square. This technique is an example of Discrimination.

your five. After Watson and Rayner classically trained Little Albert to fear a white tipp, the child after showed fear in response to a rabbit, a dog, and a sealskin coat. This illustrates a.  extinction.

b.  generalization.

c.  spontaneous recovery.

deb.  discrimination among two stimuli.

6. " Sex provides! ” is a common saying in advertising. Using classical health terms, explain how lovemaking images in advertisements may condition the response to a product. A intimate image can be described as US that creates a YOUR of interest or arousal. Prior to the advertisement pairs a product having a sexual picture, the product is definitely an NS. Over time the product can become a CS that creates the CRYSTAL REPORTS of interest or perhaps arousal.

7. Thorndike's rules of impact was the basis for Skinner's work on operant conditioning and behavior control.

8. A great way to change actions are to prize natural actions in tiny steps, because they get closer and nearer to a preferred behavior. This procedure is called Framing.

9. Your dog is barking so fully that it's producing your ears ring. You clap the hands, the dog stops barking, your ears stop ringing, and you think to your self, " I am going to have to do that whenever he barks again. ” The end in the barking was for you a...

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