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DAY: October 18, 2012

TO: Judge Arthur Anderson

VIA: Edith Abasta

RE: " Why Does Elektronische geschaftsabwicklung Need IP? ”


E-business combined with internet allows an individual to acquire countless opportunities to grow their very own business, not only locally, nevertheless also express, nation, and worldwide through the use of the web. With conducting business in this manner also come complications and hazards such as identity theft. In the same way technology provides the opportunity to expand a business in ways just a few yrs ago would not get across our minds, it has also transformed the techniques of how deals are being done, and most orders are now carried out via the internet. It has substantially lowered the number of smaller businesses that do not have the ability of conducting business over the internet and also the sales in those that at present exist; the main reason for this is the fact that most of the people, even with the risk s included, would rather shell out with a credit/debit card (internet transaction) versus good old' cash. There are numerous ways legislation has offered in order to protect businesses and consumers off their property. A pair of those will be patents and trademarks. A patent is usually how the authorities provides uniqueness to the developer of a item, the exclusivity to use or perhaps sell the invention for a selected number of years. A trademark may be anything by a picture, sign, letter, work, and/or a marking that allows the manufacturer to set their merchandise apart from other folks to help identify them. With e-business comes e-commerce, ecommerce is what offers a business to be able to go through orders of repayments or fees in exchange of any product via an electronic method. For a standard brick and mortar business, the doors could close at one point or another, stopping consumers coming from obtaining the goods and services, with e-business and e-commerce however the...

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