Rough Draft

 Rough Draft Essay

The main topic of your newspaper must be selected from the set of social, financial, or personal issues under:

Minimizing drug trafficking in the United States

Addressing the issue of childhood weight problems

Beliefs portrayed upon reality television programs

The magnitude to which persons should give up privacy hence the government will find potential terrorists U. S i9000. government subsidies for corporations that analysis and develop alternative energy sources Designating English as the official language of the United States

The corporation and format of your newspaper. Specifically the section " Argumentative Exploration Paper, ” for information means write an argumentative/position newspaper. This will clue you in as to of what their final daily news should appear to be.

For this job, you will finish the following jobs related to your Final Study Paper:

Title Page intended for Step One

Build a title and a name page set up in APA style, because shown inside the Sample Exploration Paper located in the ENG122 tab with the Ashford Composing Center. Limited Research Matter and Recommended Claim

Put together one double-spaced page when you list the subsequent information: Theme of your newspaper – Point out the topic of the paper, choosing from the list above Limited topic – Based on your reading in the text plus your research so far, state the narrowed or perhaps limited topic Proposed State – Offer a claim that you intend to argue in your study paper. Work with information in the text and the Summary of Argument Composing in the Ashford Writing Center to help you develop your claim.

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