Review of Five Messages of Manager

 Essay in Review of Five Messages of Manager

The Five Text messages Leaders Need to Manage

A serious mistake leaders make is the fact everyone shares the same meanings of broad terms like vision, accountability teamwork, target, culture, making decisions, results etc etc.

Precious time can be wasted, gossips abound, skilled people drop their emphasis and even worse, leave, etc etc.

Misalignment is known as a cancer ( Bob McRann)

The real work of management is to motivate the organization to take responsibility pertaining to meeting goals/ objectives – results

COMMUNICATION is a frontrunners single most significant management instrument FOR ALMOST EVERYTHING

Leaders must never assume that everyone understands what they are declaring or the actual mean. CONSTANTLY ASK

Organizational Structure

1 ) It symbolizes individual power/ influence

installment payments on your Must be continuously managed pertaining to clarity/ understanding

3. Can be feared and politicized if not managed

4. Most critical in reorganizations or fast growth

five. Right people inside the right places

6. Should be clear, honest, explicit connection

7. Is most important for correct culture

Financial Results

1 ) " Results” is a powerful concept and MUST be maintained " ethically” so as never to confuse the organization/ lifestyle

2 . Do not create a mind set of " do whatever it takes” 3. Be careful of stressing too much " short term results” (Wall Street) 4. Must manage the business " by the numbers” nevertheless people are the most important ingredient of these process your five. Always question people's suggestions, participation in discussing " results” and encourage honest and open dialogue.

The Leader's Sense of His/ Her Job

1 . Leader would wear many hats and plays many roles

2 . The best choice DOES NOT have the ability to the answers

3. Surround yourself with EXCELLENT persons

give them the obligation commensurate together with the authority  let them do their careers (Ldr's job is remove obstacles) Include them in decision making

Ask queries and challange


four. Use positional power to bring out the answers in...

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