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Nowadays these kinds of term since fast trend is much not fresh, it combines enhanced style and speedy response devices. In 80th and 90th in order to get even more profit brands shifted towards the low-cost excessive fashion focused on people who not ready to spend a lot pounds however in love with vogue and instead of selling all of them two standard collections each year making them come back to shop and get clothes every single two weeks because collection adjustments and seldom repeated. Zara, H& Meters and Benetton are three of the most significant fast trend brands, on the other hand some of their measures from the " supplier of raw materials to the end-customer” in such a case these steps are designing, manufacturing, distribution and retailing not always same. " Every stages in chain need to include thought of the last customer; furthermore each operation in string should be fulfilling its own customer. ” Benetton

First was Benetton, produced by Luciano Benetton in the period, when interlaced clothes were expensive in or handmade by outdated people in boring colours. Once when his sister made for him bright discolored sweater and it captivated attention of young technology he got an idea to make a brand centered on young inhabitants who will like bright colours. Now Benetton is famous brand known all around the world for offering casual clothing, its designers focus even more on materials' quality, technologies and colours, than about variety and complicated styles and prices in Benetton more costly than in H& M or Zara. Shops of Benetton usually incredibly big 1500-3000sq meters, for them to display full range of products, moreover they have one particular small collection that stay the same throughout the season. Dual supply chain system helps to keep the supply program demand and satisfy user's needs. H& M

H& M (Hennes & Mauritz) was in the start just Hennes what means " intended for her” in Swedish. This shop of clothes for women was opened by Erling Persson in 1947, later following buying new shop which usually name was Mauritz Widforss, after development he decided to add items for men and children in his stores and to change name to Hennes & Mauritz (H& M). In 1976 parent son of Erling Persson to attract more customers made a decision to give away dvds of ABBA, it drawn loads of customers to their store. The main idea was to keep prices low and their motto " Vogue and quality at the ideal price”. Today H& Meters can be found in 39 countries all around the world, prices continue to be affordable and collections usually changes following last fashion trends, since 2004 in H& M regularly looks collections created by stars or perhaps famous designers to attract more people by simply loud term (like in case with ABBA in past), however this kind of collections are very limited and usually much more expensive than ordinary H& M items. Such selections were Versace by H& M, Marni by H& M, Jimmy Choo simply by H& M. The company's design marketing and advertising created and governs on the inside in Sweden, however products produced in contract...

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