Masters of War

 Masters of War Composition

" Experts Of War"

Bob Dylan

Come you masters of war

You that build all the weapons

You that build the death aircraft

You that build every one of the bombs

You that conceal behind wall surfaces

You that hide lurking behind desks

I just want you to find out

I can look out of your masks.

You that never done nothin'

Yet build to destroy

You play with my personal world

Like it's your little toy

You put a gun in my palm

And you cover from my own eyes

And you convert and run farther

If the fast principal points fly.

Just like Judas of old

You lie and deceive

A world war could be won

You want me to believe

Nevertheless I see throughout your eyes

And I see through your brain

Like I see through the water

That operates down my drain.

You fasten every one of the triggers

Pertaining to the others to fireplace

Then you problem and watch

When the death depend gets higher

You hide within your mansion'

As young peoples' blood

Runs out of their bodies

Which is buried in the mud.

You have thrown the worst dread

That can at any time be hurled

Fear to get children

In to the world

For threatening my personal baby

Unborn and unnamed

You isn't worth the blood

That operates in your problematic veins.

How much must i know

To talk out of turn

In ways that Now i am young

You might say I'm unlearned

But will be certainly one thing I know

Though I am just younger you

That even Jesus would never

Forgive what you are.

Let me question you one question

Is definitely your money that good

Will it get you forgiveness

Do you think that this could

I believe you will find

When your death takes a toll

All the money you made

Will not buy back the soul.

And I hope that you just die

As well as your death'll arrive soon

Let me follow your casket

In the pale evening

And I will watch while you're lowered

Right down to your deathbed

And I am going to stand over your burial plot

'Til I'm sure that you're lifeless.

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