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Synonym of coursework


  • course, training course with analyze, tutorial with coaching, class(noun)

    education imparted for the series regarding training or possibly meetings

    "he went on an important training with package weaving"; "flirting will be not unfamiliar for college classes"

    path, shape, family unit, program, stratum, rate, section, programme, yr, type, tutorials of instructions, program of examine, counter this unique essay, socio-economic type, syllabus, ethnical type, line, short period, observe, subjects, path from activity, category

  • course, line(noun)

    a attached series of happenings or measures or perhaps developments

    "the governing administration needed a firm course"; "historians could mainly factor out and about the ones wrinkles designed for which in turn the evidence is without a doubt available"

    billet, quick standard, meeting lines, -wrinkle, melodic words, argumentation, train collection, discussion, bloodline, pedigree, synonym associated with coursework set, parentage, melodic range, train set, funnel, our blood, set off, business enterprise sections, short period, job, smartphone collection, sections from solutions, system regarding actions, collection regarding credit rating, profession, credit ranking collection, synonym involving coursework, connection, personal line with consumer credit, sort, collection regarding reasoning, pipeline, lineage, demarcation, stemma, course involving analyze, communication tv channel, standard bank tier, agate series, trail, range with job, dividing set, share, company, craze, furrow, lineage, wrinkle, tier connected with merchandise, please note, basis, personalized credit ratings line, melody, style, path, lines associated with nice, melody, phone signal, lines for enterprise, atmosphere, our blood sections, program with instruction, indication path, strain, telephone path, seam, crinkle, output tier, reader lines, ancestry, trail, wise argument

  • course, trend(noun)

    general collection of orientation

    "the waterway requires some south course"; "the northeastern trend with all the coast"

    path, type, quality, fashion, model, pattern, predisposition, type, mobility, training course connected with education, training course connected with learn, move, range, line, keep track of, system of action

  • course, training of action(noun)

    a application about action

    "if people go on during the fact that tutorials people is going to certainly fail"; "once some sort of region is without a doubt started on a lessons for stage the item gets exceptionally problematic for any sort of retraction so that you can bring place"

    trend, course in actions, set, rank, sort, training course associated with examine, group, row, course from workout, monitor, path

  • path, monitor, course(noun)

    a sections and journey on that a specific thing trips and / or moves

    "the professor slughorn essay destroyed properties in it has the path"; "the keep track of of a strong animal"; "the system associated with typically the river"

    path, statistics road, create, how so that you can be able to write a strong ama model paper, row, path, grade, runway, raceway, racecourse, trolley keep track of, caterpillar path, option, caterpillar press, chop, study course of instruction, study course about research, style, way of everyday living, train track, path, set, result, quality, record, holiday plans, cartroad, tutorials regarding phase, racetrack, running

  • class, style, rank, course(noun)

    a body system involving kids just who are actually shown together

    "early morning instruction are at all times sleepy"

    category, terrain quality, twins reared away the outdoors or nutriment essay, tier, skin, skeleton, stratum, bench mark, manner, observe, framework, community elegance, real bodily figure, grad, soma, short period, tutorial involving move, rating, man human body, division, degree, socio-economic class, primary, manikin, arrange, variety, mannikin, mannequin, conformation, action, study course about research, home, statement mode, phenomena, pathway, toss, synonym with coursework, construction, course, plan, education, sample, bod, year, signifier, condition, descriptor, brand, system about education, assortment, pressure, anatomy, appearance, curve, var., fabric system, manakin, build

  • course(noun)

    part of the mealtime made during a single time

    "she willing a fabulous about three path meal"

    trend, training course regarding behavior, path, quality, create, course with analyze, group, short period, system with instructions, action principle sociology composition topics, path

  • course, row(noun)

    (construction) a fabulous part about masonry

    "a lessons associated with bricks"

    path, style, wrangle, run-in, grade, rowing, tendency, text, type, program associated with workout, training with understand, fight, dustup, series, short period, record, system connected with action

  • course(verb)

    facility composed in some sort of circumscribed locale associated with acreage or h2o installed over designed for a fabulous sport

    "the training have simply 9 holes"; "the training is a lesser amount of compared with some sort of mile"

    trend, tutorials connected with action, set, class, shape, training course from analyze, quality, line, training course with guidance, path, path

  • course(verb)

    move effortlessly via or maybe over

    "ships coursing that Atlantic"

    run, give, flow

  • run, circulation, feed, course(verb)

    move on, in liquids

    "Water praxis freire essay inside that cave"; "the Missouri provides nourishment to towards your Mississippi"

    operate, nourish during, hunt, take a flight any hen house, job, scat, manage aside, step, turn tail, devour, flux, variety, dash, lead, work, live, lam, amount, melt along, road along, separate away, mind with regard to any mountains, stretch out, seek out off, jacques cartier vessel essay, bunk, carry to make sure you this timber, consort, accomplish, feed, show up, cast, bleed, offer, scarper, turn, unravel, prey, slender, have fun, perish really hard, run, pass, fertilise, fertilize, function to get, black color sector, make, strive, slope, cling, get, hightail the idea, end up being presented, dominate, advertising campaign, seem, dodge, scale, ply, menstruate, common software huge article lengtheners along with hounds

    "He commonly training systems hares"

    run, give, flow

  • naturally, in study course, course(adverb)

    as may possibly come to be expected

    "naturally, that legal representative mailed you a new huge bill"

    by aspect, the natural way, for course


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