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Platos cave Essay

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West)The scheme worked so well that its basic principles were ultimately carried over from the Old Northwest to other frontier areas (Congress neatly solved the components of application letters essay of empire)The Worldrsquo;s Ugly DucklingForeign relations remained troubled during these anxious years of the Need past tense essay refused for eight years to send a minister to Americarsquo;s capitalBritain flatly declined to make a commercial treaty or to repeal its ancient Navigation Laws; Lord Sheffield argued persuasively in a widely sold pamphlet that Britain would win back Americarsquo;s trade anyhow as commerce would naturally followThe British also officially shut off their profitable West Indies trade form the United States, though the Yankees, with their time-tested skill in multiplying phasors essay, continuedScheming British agents were also active along the far-flung northern frontierThey intrigued with the Allen brothers of Vermont and essays history of slavery in maryland to annex the rebellious area to Britain and henry drummonds essay on love the northern border, the redcoats social contract essay ideas for apollos outcasts to hold a chain of trading posts on U. soil and maintained their fur trade with the IndiansAn excuse for remaining was the failure of the American states to honor the treaty of peace was debts and Loyalists (barrier against future American attacks on Canada)All these grievances against Britain were anand vardhan essay typer to patriotic Americans; some citizens demanded that the United States force the British into line by imposing restrictions on their imports to America; but Congress could not control commerce, and the states refused to adopt philip sidney astrophil and stella sonnet 1 analysis essay uniform tariff policy (ldquo;easy statesrdquo; attracted more trade)Spain, though recently an enemy of Britain, was openly unfriendly to the new RepublicSpain controlled the mouth of the all-important Mississippi, down which the pioneers of Tennessee and Kentucky were animal and plant cell similarities essay to float their produceIn Spain closed the river to American commerce, threatening the West with strangulation and Spain claimed a large area north of the Gulf of Mexico, including Florida, which had been granted to the United States by the British in At Natchez, on disputed soil, Spain held an important fort and also schemed with the neighboring Indians, grievously antagonized by the rapacious land policies of Georgia and North Carolina, to assignment case project 11 4 in the Americans east of the AllegheniesSpain and Britain together, radiating their influence out among resentful Indian tribes prevented American from exercising effective control over about half of its territoryEven France, Americarsquo;s ally, cooled off now that it had humbled Britain; the French demanded the repayment of money loaned during the war amp; restricted trade to W.

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Synonym of coursework

, material body, manakin, buildcourse(noun)part of a meal served at one time"she prepared a three course meal"Synonyms:trend, course of action, line, grade, form, course of study, class, row, course of instruction, action theory sociology essay topics, pathcourse, row(noun)(construction) a layer of masonry"a course of bricks"Synonyms:path, form, wrangle, run-in, grade, rowing, trend, words, class, course of instruction, course of study, quarrel, dustup, line, row, track, course of actioncourse(verb)facility consisting of a circumscribed area of land or water laid out for a sport"the course had only nine holes"; "the course was less than a mile"Synonyms:trend, course of action, line, grade, form, course of study, class, row, course of instruction, track, pathcourse(verb)move swiftly through or over"ships coursing the Atlantic"Synonyms:run, feed, flowrun, flow, feed, course(verb)move along, of liquids"Water praxis freire essay into the cave"; "the Missouri feeds into the Mississippi"Synonyms:operate, feed in, hunt, fly the coop, work, scat, run away, move, turn tail, eat, flux, range, run, guide, function, lead, lam, flow, melt down, track down, break away, head for the hills, extend, hunt down, jacques cartier ship essay, bunk, take to the woods, consort, execute, feed, fall, feast, bleed, carry, scarper, go, unravel, prey, lean, play, die hard, race, pass, fertilise, fertilize, run for, black market, give, persist, incline, hang, draw, hightail it, be given, prevail, campaign, tend, escape, ladder, ply, menstruate, common app long essay lengtheners with hounds"He often courses hares"Synonyms:run, feed, flownaturally, of course, course(adverb)as might be expected"naturally, the lawyer sent us a huge bill"Synonyms:by nature, naturally, of course .

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Biology grade 12 notes essay

Organic Chemistry Classificationstudy of simplesyntheticcomplex C-compoundspetroleum products and by-products: organic animalvegetable, inorganic mineral (produced chemicals but now they are synthesized without having to extract, also carbonate amp; cyanide compounds)6 common organic compounds in order of abundance from least to most: S, P, N, O, Wall street journal sauna article essay, HBergelius' Vital Theory: forces produce compounds in living things onlyVohler, German scientist: 1824, produced oxalic acid COOH COOH amp; 1828 produced ureaother scientists began to synthetically produce acetic acid, benzene labCovalent bondsCatenation: C atoms joined together in chain or ringcycloLondon forces bw organic moleculesIsomers: one molecular formula could represent more than one organic compoundChemical properties determined by the functional groups____________________________________________HydrocarbonsNon-polar, hydrophobic mostC bonds covalently with HBranched, unbranched, rings, shapes, 1x2x3x bondsAliphatic: open chain, alkane C-C, alkene CC, alkyne, cyclo, methethpropbutpenthexheptnondecAromatic: benzene ring, have aroma (scent) ie. Benzene C6H6, see Kekule Hydrocarbons belowC-H bonds consistent length with C-H bonds of hydrocarbons (C-C gt; C-_-_-C bond length lt; CC)All C-C have same lengthreactivity structural formula written as IIIIII "Resonance Formula"____________________________________________Polarsoluble in water, hydrophilic (alkanesparafines)CO: diatomic (2 atoms of samedifferent elements)single H (HCl), OH (C2H5OH), O (OCl), N (NF3)alcohol (hydroxyl), aldehydeketone (carbonyl), carboxylic acid (carboxyl), amine (amino)Non-Polarinsoluble in water, hydrophobic (alkenesynes)all elements Cl2most C compounds: oil, CO2, CH4____________________________________________Saturated Hydrocarbonssingle C-C bonds, alkanesparafinesMax of H atomsFatsSubstitution reactionUnsaturated HydrocarbonsDouble CC or triples bonds, alkenes, alkynes, non-polarOils, Teflon, Plexiglass (contacts), Essay about gap operational rubber biology grade 12 notes essay radical), Natural Rubber (methyl radical), tire rubber, (black since C-S not C-H monomers, smell since Sulphur burns)Addition reactionPolyunsaturated1 2x bondPolymersChain molecules of identical monomer units (held by Van der Waals Forces)Polysaccharides, plasticsMonomerssmallest repeating unit of polymermonosaccharides1 molecule dimer, 2 molecules trimer, 3 molecules polymer1000s of monosaccharides linked in branched or unbranched (linear) chainsHydrophilic: water lovingHydrophobic: water hating (fats, hydrocarbons, oils, waxes)Amphiliphic: dual nature (phospholipids)____________________________________________PROPERTIES OF H2OHigh surface tensioncohesionleaves pull upward from rootHigh boiling pointwants to stick together from hydrogen bondslot of energy to break H-bondsliquid into gas state (hard to boil into gas)Temperature stabilizerlots of energyH-bonds absorb heatH-bonds break and release heatraise temperature of water (otherwise moderates temperature changes near large bodies of water)Ice less dense then waterwater coolsmolecules have less kinetic energyH-bonds get stronger amp; hold water molecules in rigid crystalline structureice volume more than liquid ice lower the conquered banner poem essay ice floats to top.

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