Peaceable Classroom Management

 Peaceable Class Management Essay




Phase I


Background of the Study

The real key instrument towards attaining peacefulness education in their classroom is the teacher. A educator is at the center of offering quality education as well as peaceable classroom for all Filipino kids. Quality and peace education should be inseparably practiced in schools.

The International Percentage on Education for the Twenty-first 100 years advocates four pillars of education which can be: 1) Learning how to know; 2) Learning to perform; 3) Understanding how to live with each other; and 3) Learning to end up being (Vega, 2009). The initial pillar " concerned fewer with the purchase of structured know-how but more with the mastery of learning tools” (Vega, p. 14). The second entender entails the acquisition of competence. This will permit people to deal with various existence situations. The next pillar of education implies understanding, acknowledgement, and appreciation of interdependence. The fourth expoliar refers to the all-around progress each individual. Every one of the physical, perceptive, emotional and ethical dimensions of the total person happen to be developed in this pillar of education.

Essential in the attainment of the desired goals of the 4 pillars of education can be peace in the classroom. More often, instructors neglect to try out the sensible unity and peace in the learning method because the emphasis is the competence of academic articles. Teachers focus on heavily within the impartation of knowledge. They disregard that a legitimate and long-term culture of peace is built on the exercise of the pillars of education. This scenario results to an unbalanced person who is somewhat more academician and less practical. Reduced practicality in every area of your life can be risky because it requires inconsideration, ungratefulness, disagreement, and disunity. The world is full of discord and violence. This discord and physical violence is also present in the modern-day educational organization, particularly in their classroom. Undeniably inside the locality, episode of assault in both private and public universities happens.

It is because of this that the investigator contemplates to find out the peaceable classroom applied by the professors in picked schools.

Statement with the Problem

This kind of study can aim to identify the peaceable classroom while practiced by teachers and students of Heureux Dominc Senior high school (SDHS). The respondents are typical the current instructors of SDHS and twenty students coming from Grade VII to last year who are enrolled during the institution year 2012-2013.

Specifically, this examine will strive to answer this questions: 1 . What is the profile from the teacher and student-respondents regarding: a. Grow older;

b. Sexual intercourse;

c. Municipal status;

d. Degree attained;

e. Period of service;

farreneheit. Year level

installment payments on your What is the amount of peaceable class room as used by the teacher-respondents in picked schools? 3. Is there a significant relationship involving the level of peaceable classroom while practiced by teacher-respondents in selected universities and each of the following: a. Age

b. Gender

c. Civil position

d. Degree obtained

at the. Length of assistance?

Null Speculation

The research hypothesis will be tested at 0. 05 level of significance which states that there is no significant relationship involving the level of peaceable classroom while practiced by the teacher-respondents every of the following: Age; gender; civil status; degree obtained; and duration of service. Range and Delimitation

The main thrust of this newspaper is to identify the level of peaceable classroom while practiced by the teachers in selected colleges during the summertime of 2011. The teacher-respondents will be the U. C. U. graduate learners who happen to be enrolled in Methods of Research class offered in Magister artium in Education. The single profiles of the teacher-respondents will be labeled in terms of personal attributes including age, sexuality, and city status. The professional qualities will include the...

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