Indian Dairy Industry- Swot

 Indian Milk Industry- Swot Essay

Indian Dairy Sector- Overview & SWOT

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Import of key items within the increase to fulfill shortage

Transfer of milk items during April 2009-February 2010 surged by a significant 275. your five per cent to Rs 284. 88 crore. |

In April 2008-February 2009, import of dairy and other dairy food was only Rs 75. 86 crore. | The dairy products imports mainly include skimmed milk powder and butter essential oil brought in by National Dairy Development Board (NDDB)В to satisfy shortfallВ in dairy procurement of its supplementary, Mother Dairy products, and other co-operatives. With their procurement lagging at the rear of, liquid milk supplies had been affected in many States. B L 180510| SWOT EXAMINATION OF AMERICAN INDIAN DAIRY INDUSTRY


5. Demand profile: Absolutely optimistic.

* Margins: Quite fair, even upon packed liquefied milk.

* Overall flexibility of product mix: Huge. With balancing equipment, you can keep on adding to your production. | 2. Availability of uncooked material: Considerable. Presently, much more than 80 percent of milk produced is usually flowing into the unorganized sector, which needs proper channelization. | * Technical personnel: Professionally-trained, specialized human resource pool area, built over last 30 years. | Weaknesses:

* Perishability: Pasteurization has defeat this weak spot partially. UHT gives dairy long life. Certainly, many new procedures will follow to improve milk top quality and prolong its shelf life. | Lack of control over deliver: Theoretically, there exists little control of milk deliver. However , elevated awareness of innovations like embryo transplant, man-made insemination and properly handled animal husbandry practices, along with higher cash flow to countryside milk suppliers should quickly lead to improvement in dairy yields. | Logistics of procurement: Woes of negative roads and inadequate vehicles facility generate milk procurement problematic. Good results . the overall monetary improvement in...

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