New Technology: Authorities Body Worn Cameras

 New Technology: Police Body Worn Cameras Article

New Technology Officer- worn Cams

Kevin Bolles

LEA 408ps


Teacher: Jeff Wooden

The department happens to be going to purchase new technology as officer donned cameras. Within the next five years this technology will be put in place. The authorities department will discover many benefits from this technology in the areas of data preservation, reduced liability and improved productivity for the police department. The officer donned camera is known as a device that is cost effective and efficient in dimensions and features. The camera is attached to the Officers uniform and allows the officer for capturing video and audio of his activities throughout his tour of duty. This will be used to document targeted traffic stops, agreement searches and " res gestae” claims made to officials. The expert worn camera will reduce false allegations made against officers, and the investigative expense that comes along with these allegations. The future benefits from the police officer worn cameras in the lowering of responsibility to the city, the police department and the officer. In accordance to Sir Ronnie Flanagan's policing assessment published a week ago, not only do cams provide superior evidence, they can also reduce the time delivered to file occurrence reports by simply 22 %, which gives officers an additional 50 minutes of patrol time per officer each day, according to the record (Kelly, 2008) In this new era of budget shortfalls and diminished manpower the brand new technology can offer a more efficient police department by releasing up period that is normally spent on unnecessary inspections. Implementing credit reporting procedures applying cameras and video could also reduce time spent on statement writing responsibilities. In Conclusion, the purchase of the officer donned cameras will reduce the liability in cases where phony accusations are produced. Video transactions can be used protect evidence as well as the capability of credit reporting will create an even more efficient police department.


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