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To: [specify distribution]

By: [CEO or older management official]

Subject matter: Computer Software and U. H. Copyright Law

Date: [insert]

The purpose of this kind of memorandum is to remind you of [name of organization]is policy about the illegal replicating and usage of commercial software. Unlicensed copying or not authorized use of any software program is illegal and will expose you and the company to civil and criminal liability under the copyright law.

To ensure that you do not violate the software publisher's copyright, you ought not copy virtually any program installed on your computer for almost any purpose devoid of permission from [insert name of responsible manager or department]. Likewise, you mustn't install any kind of program onto your computer with no such permission or clear verification the company has a license to hide that unit installation. Finally, you ought not download illegal software from the Internet.

•The company will not put up with any worker making not authorized copies society. •The business will not put up with any staff downloading or perhaps uploading not authorized software on the internet. •Any worker found copying software intend to is controlled by termination through the company. •Any employee unlawfully copying application to give to the third party, which include clients and customers, is also subject to end of contract. •If you would like to use computer software licensed by the company in the home, you must talk to [insert name of manager] in order to make sure such 2 permitted by the publisher's permit.

This insurance plan will be strictly enforced to make sure that you and the business are not confronted with serious legal consequences.

[Insert term of manager] will be visiting the department in the next week to inventory the application installations on your own computers and also to ascertain the fact that company has licenses for every single copy of any software merchandise. If unlicensed copies are normally found, they will be deleted, and if required,...

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