Life is something special

 Essay regarding Life is a gift

п»їIt was just a wager.

Or was it?

In the folly of the undiscerning came the wisdom of the infinite; from the pitiful, quite pitiful proud lack of knowledge of the blind quite all of a sudden dawned the vision of perpetual light… And yet who have are guys to appreciate this kind of celestial, work power?   God created people in His own picture and yet our company is and will be delivered with flaws.  No matter how many bites off the fruit of knowledge of what is good and what is bad, " all that the unresting thought of a man has created in the age ranges is compressed only to a small compass of His brain”… Legal rights to understand what really happens in the long run are not granted to mere men.  We will have simply no right. And it was just a bet.

Strange, absurd, flawlessly, terribly surreal, true—but still just a gamble. The attorney and the banker would never include imagined that when they had been still aged eager and foolish—but neither did they when older and worn out, for still, they were foolish—but sometimes we get the best as well as the worst in the outcomes in the greatest ideas there could ever be in an individual toss of any coin, in something because man-made as a bet, through which people sell their souls, their futures, their worth… And yet, bless him!  The attorney came close.

Not merely did this individual come near to winning the bet—after almost all, it was only a bet; this individual came near actually demonstrating that with man's limited perception having been blessed with the right, the blessed right of understanding what presently there really was in truth.  He never suspected it, hardly ever saw that coming, but it really came.  Within his grasps had been the truth, the peace of fifteen years that was similar to the harmony of the Sabbath.  This individual read other books, enjoyed the keyboard, talked, smoked cigarettes, drank, ate, cried, discovered different different languages, performed wonders, slain, burnt towns, preached new made use of, conquered whole kingdoms although he only existed once in that little world of solo confinement—that was when he acquired his gives you the webpages of the Gospels.  He was very close to...

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