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La-Z-Boy Designed


Inventory Data Cost (52 weeks) Symbol (Exchange) Beta Normal Error of Beta Shares Outstanding Typical daily quantity (3 month average) Market place cap Valuation (per share) DCF Analysis Comparables Analysis Target Value Current Cost (as of 4/29/10) Brief summary Financials Revenue Net Income Operating Cash Flow Earnings/Diluted Share BUSINESS OVERVIEW La-Z-Boy Incorporated (LZB) is the most recognized name inside the furniture sector. The Company manufactures, markets, imports, distributes and sells upholstery products and casegoods (wood) furniture. LZB operates in three segments—the Upholstery Group, the Casegoods Group plus the Retail Group—and is the greatest reclining-chair maker in the world and one of North America's largest manufacturers of upholstered home furniture. According to the Might, 2009 leading 100 rating by market trade distribution Fortune Today, the La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries® network of stores consists the industry's largest single-branded upholstered home furniture retailer in North America, in addition to the third largest manufacturer/distributor of residential pieces of furniture, as measured by total annual sales quantity. The Covering Analyst: Hersker Block Email: [email protected] edu

$1. seventy eight – $15. 46 LZB (NYSE) 2 . 05. 335 51. fifty-five million 771, 965 $748. 96 million

17. 17 17. 23 17. twenty-four 14. 01

Q3 Concluded 1/23/10 305. 09 , 000, 000 10. 97 million twenty two. 69 million $0. twenty-one

The University of Or Investment Group (UOIG) is actually a student operate organization in whose purpose is usually strictly educational. Member college students are not qualified or qualified to give expenditure advice or analyze investments, nor perform they purport to be. Members of UOIG may possess clerked, interned or placed various job positions with firms saved in UOIG's profile. In addition , members of UOIG may make an attempt to obtain employment positions with firms saved in UOIG's collection.

La-Z-Boy Inc.

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Company possesses 68 La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries® retail spots, plus an additional 222 La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries® stores that are independently possessed and managed. In addition , LZB supports selected independent retailers who simply cannot sufficiently carry out their business activities with no Company's financial support. These kinds of dealers are referred to as Changing Interest Choices (VIE). Floral City Home furniture was founded in 1927, integrated in The state of michigan in 1941, and was renamed to La-Z-Boy Included in 1996. The Company is based in Monroe, Michigan. BUSINESS STRUCTURE AND REVENUE BREAKDOWN

As well as the Furniture Galleries®, the Company also sells goods through exclusive distribution spaces called ComfortStudios, which are areas within a greater retailer which can be dedicated to presenting La-Z-Boy household furniture. At the end of fiscal 2009, LZB experienced 466 ComfortStudios and they be prepared to open around 30 more during money 2010. A number of La-Z-Boy's small operating segments—Kincaid, England and Lea—also have got similar in-store gallery areas. The company's main operating portions are the Upholstery Group, the Casegoods Group, and the Full Group.

Furniture Group. Regarding revenue, the

Company's largest segment may be the Upholstery Group, which entails the manufacturing and revenue of upholstered furniture to furniture retailers and amazing stores. This group includes La-Z-Boy, the Company's largest working unit, and Bauhaus and England. Padded furniture includes recliners and motion household furniture, sofas, loveseats, chairs, ottomans, sleeper settees, sectionals and modulars.

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La-Z-Boy Incorporation.

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Casegoods Group. This group primarily marketplaces and directs manufactured or imported solid wood furniture to furniture retailers. Products incorporate tables, chair, entertainment centers, headboards, desks, accent pieces and some matched upholstered...

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