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Education in the uk: a brief historyВ

Derek Gillard

first published January 2000В

revised and updated May well 2004, 04 2007, January 2011

http://www.educationengland. org. uk/history/

В© copyright Derek Gillard 2011В

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Education in britain: a brief historyВ explores the development of education in England in the earliest schools in the sixth century, throughout the establishment with the state education system back in the nineteenth and early 20th centuries, to current issues about authorities policies. That aims to explain how we got where our company is now. As its name implies, it addresses England as opposed to the whole with the UK, even though I have included occasional references, where relevant, to educational policy and provision in Scotland, Wales and North Ireland. Likewise, while it discounts mainly with education in schools, some information about advanced schooling is given in which it is strongly related the development of education generally. Beyond the twelve chapters there's also a fb timeline of major education acts, reports and other key events; a glossary of frequently used abbreviations and terms that i hope will probably be especially helpful for non-UK viewers; and a bibliography (which is a collection of all the quoted sources listed at the end of each chapter). Each web page involves chapter links (as in the left hand column on this page) and at the final of each web page there are links to the previous and next chapters. The left hand column as well displays the organisation of each chapter with links towards the main titles, as displayed in theВ ContentsВ list below. Finally, if you area any errors - nearly anything from factual inaccuracies to missing punctuation or cracked links -- I'd end up being very thankful if you'd probably let me know. Contact details areВ here. В Chapter 1: 600-1800


600-1100 The first schools

There were almost certainly colleges in Great britain during the Both roman occupation, since towards the end of the initially century Juvenal relates that eloquent Gauls were teaching Britons to plead causes and Thule was discussing the business of a Rhetoric School. When the Romans left Britain, so would civilisation - at least for the next handful of centuries. While AF Make their way (1915: 1) puts it, 'whatever other corporations of Britain, in the event that any, made it its change into England, churches and schools performed not'. Saint Augustine

And so when St Augustine found its way to England in 597, schools were unfamiliar. He required priests to conduct church services and boys to sing in the choir. 'As there were zero schools no more than there were churches in England, Augustine had to produce both' (Leach 1915: 3). He and his successors founded two types of school: the grammar school to teach Latin to English priests, plus the song school (which some cathedrals still have today) the place that the 'sons of...

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Gillard G (2011)В Education in britain: a brief

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