Harley Davidson

 Harley Davidson Essay

* Mission Statement

Our variety mission is always to foster a culture that integrates diversity and add-on into almost all aspects of the company in order to further more fulfill dreams through the experiences of motorcycling. * Perspective Statement

Harley-Davidson values, embraces and celebrates variety in order to develop and continuously improve mutually beneficial interactions with stakeholders to fulfill dreams and provide incredible customer encounters in an progressively dynamic, diverse and global market. 2. Objectives

* Produce a viable company that would efficiently compete inside the Non-Menthol, Lo-Fi category. 2. Attract more young mature (25-49) men smokers in to the Lorillard family. * Develop a highly targeted " Specific niche market Brand' that might generate moderate share desired goals. * Build strong company awareness and imaginary.

* Gain trial and do it again purchase.

2. Create buyer confidence.

5. Strategies


Get some more market share from your existing market, like U. S, U. K, and Japan etc

through more marketing approaches like marketing. Harley-Davidson provides a good

brand name so it's easy for those to eat up the competitor business if they will provide even more customer profit.


Younger technology and female are now coming to this segment so expand the motor cycle sections to young generation and women.


Harley-Davidson can bring within their vehicle to Asian countries just like India and China, because these countries have a high population as well as the market potential is also substantial.


Bring new bikes to attract customer and market.


The Company is definitely reinforcing it is support in the Harley-Davidson brand, accelerating its ongoing advertising efforts to talk to rising rider organizations, including young and diverse riders. In addition , the Company will certainly continue to give attention to product improvements targeted at certain growth possibilities with its strong core consumer bottom and fresh riders. В * ALTERING THE COST COMPOSITION

Consolidate the two engine and transmission plants inside the Milwaukee place into its service in Menomonee Falls, Wis.


The Company said it is analyzing a range of options to provide the necessary fluid for the wholesale and retail loaning activities of Harley-Davidson Financial Services (HDFS)

2. Recommended Objective

To be branded as the best motorcycle found in the world.

* Recommended Eye-sight

The best quality motor bike, motorcycle products and financial services will be provided throughout the world is the determination of Harley-Davidson. Customer satisfaction is definitely our slogan and the Harley-Davidson customers may experience the flavor of truth of motorcycle dreams by relaying their fulfillment on all of us. Harley- Davidson is focused on use the modern technology to produce the most superior motorbike in domestic and worldwide markets. Stay competitive and continue growth worldwide avoid losing money and endure is the philosophy. Staff of Harley-Davidson are the foundation of the company and they are the driving force behind the Harley-Davidson term. The total group effort of Harley-Davidson personnel is dedicated to fulfilling desires for customers and that we believe that there isn't a motorcycle riding experience like a Harley-Davidson's. Excellence is our force though our Harley-Davidson bar and protect logo that says top quality. Honesty and customer dedication and these types of morals would be the heartbeat of Harley-Davidson corporation. Harley-Davidson carry out our portion in helping all environmental laws in each and every country we do business. Perseverance and determination is the place where Harley-Davidson intends to stay. * External Opportunities

2. The Western european demand for Harley davidson Davidson is definitely the highest inside the international industry and represents the only largest motorcycle market on the globe Women and young...

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