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BSC 2085C: Anatomy and Physiology

Laboratory 4: Histology

Name ___

Directions: You will discover five (5) activities in this lab. Be sure to finish them all. For any questions, type your answers into the yellow box ____ (including name above) it can expand as you are writing.

Activity you: Tissue Types

1-1: List the several types of tissue present in the human body and offer an example of each.

1 . _Epithelial__example: Skin_

2 . Connective_ example: Tendons___

3. _Muscle__example: Muscle tissue of heart_

4. _Nervous_example: Brain__

Activity 2: Epithelial tissue

2-1: What are the functions of epithelial tissue? _Polarity, Specialized contacts, Supported of connective tissues, Avascular yet innervated, Regeneration___

2-2: What is the function of epithelial tissue? __protection, absorption, filtration, secretion, removal, sensory reception______

2-3: Where is epithelial tissue found? Outer part of epidermis, lines the open major of the cardiovascular, digestive, and respiratory system, as well covers the walls and organs of the shut ventral body system cavity

2-4: This is a cross portion of the esophagus. Number 1 presents the lumen of the esophagus. Identify the tissue types indicated simply by 2 and 3.

installment payments on your Stratified squamous epithel

several. Dense irregular connective muscle

2-5: Beneath is a picture of intestinal tract villi. Identify the cells type at 1 plus the cell type at a few.

1 . Simple columnar epithelium

3. Cup cells

2-6: Below is actually a photo from the trachea. Recognize the cell modifications by 1, and the tissue types at two and several.

1 . _cillia___

2 . _Pseudostratified epithelial layer___

3. Pseudostratified columnar epithelium___

2-7: Identify the cells type in 1 below: Simple columnar epithelium

2-8: The picture below shows renal tubules. Identify the cells type by 1 and 3:

1 ) Outer wall structure composed of simple cuboidal epithelium

3. Nucleus of a simple cuboidal epithelial cell

2-9: The picture below shows a cross-section of your lung. The areas labeled 2 are alveoli, the air cartable of the lung area. What type muscle is one particular? Simple squamous epithelium

2-10: Identify the tissue or cell types or component below.

1 ) (tissue type) _Epithelium___

installment payments on your (tissue type) _Lamina Propia___

3. Cillia

4. __Mucin in globlet cell______

a few. _Cilliated skin cells of pseudostratified epithelium___

Activity 3: Conjonctive tissue

3-1: What are you will of conjonctive tissue? _Common origin, Degrees of vascularity, Extracelluar matrix_

3-2: What are the functions of connective muscle? _binding and support, safeguard, insulation, vehicles of chemicals within the human body ___

3-3: Where would you find connective cells? _everywhere within the body, mostly in the primary tissue___

3-4: The slide under is a part of the small intestinal tract. In this tissues, the collagen fibers happen to be interwoven and irregularly set up (i. e. they manage in more than one direction), which provides great structural power. � The tissue is usually well suited for areas where tension is exerted from many different directions, such as the skin tone of the skin area, submucosa with the gastrointestinal system and fibrous capsules of organs and joints. � It also forms fascia, the tough, white materials that encompases muscles.

What classification of connective cells is the location marked by simply 1? Dense irregular

3-5: The tissue below is a loose connective muscle comprised of a semi-fluid earth substance that contains several kinds of loosely-arranged fibers and cells. � This is the most widespread type of connective tissue. � It really is found in just about every microscopic portion of the body, attachment down the skin area, membranes, vessels and nerve fibres as well...

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