Fin370 R8 Definitions

 Fin370 R8 Definitions Composition

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Define this terms employing your text or perhaps other assets. Cite almost all resources in line with APA rules.



Reference you utilized

Time benefit of money

A dollar received today is somewhat more valuable compared to a dollar received one year by now. A dollar received today can easily gain interest. Financial managing Chapter 1

Efficient industry

The prices of economic claims exchanged in the community financial market segments respond quickly to the discharge of new details. Business dictonary

Primary compared to secondary market

Primary marketplaces are tailored to a business particular requirements and is executed either by you or perhaps by a business that you spend to carry out the research for you. Secondary marketplaces are based on details from studies previously performed by government agencies, chambers of commerce, control associations, and also other organizations.

Risk-return tradeoff

From your reading: Really where somebody will take one more risk and expected to be compensated in the end. Financial management Chapter one particular

Agency (principal and agent problems)

A firm's common stockholders, the owners in the firm, are definitely the principals inside the relationship, plus the managers work as " agents” to these owners. If the managers have little or no ownership in the firm, they have less motivation to job energetically pertaining to the company's shareholders and may instead choose to enhance themselves with perks and other financial rewards.

Market details and secureness prices and information asymmetry

Agile and lean guidelines

Return on investment

Cash flow and a source of value

Project management

Outsourcing and offshoring

Inventory turnover

Just-in-time inventory (JIT)

Vender maintained inventory (VMI)

Forecasting and demand managing

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