Skin and Vinegar

 Skin and Vinegar Essay

Tanesha Martin

Speech #1- Informative

Thanks Date-2/10/08

Practical: To inform

Particular Purpose: To tell the Public Speaking 205 school about the various different ways useful to them vinegar to clean their homes, promote all their health, and enhance their natural beauty. Thesis Affirmation: Vinegar is actually a cheap, powerful alternative to cleaning your home, promoting your health and enhancing your beauty.


Ladies and Man, what if I told you that vinegar has been used to clean homes, promote well being, and enhance beauty for more than 10, 1000 years. Additionally , what if My spouse and i told you that white vinegar only costs regarding $1. 29 and is utilized in one from every three homes across America, but a lot of people think this only acts one goal. Well Now i am about to persuade you just just how powerful these things really is.

Body system

I. According to the book " Health, Residence, Beauty, and Beyond”, vinegar can clean almost anything inside and outside of your residence.

A. It is very effective with regards to removing spots.

1 . White vinegar can take away stains from carpet such as pet and food spots.

2 . You can use it in the dishwasher to purify the dishes better and to remove hard drinking water spots.

several. It can be used like a laundry aid to remove stains, brighten garments, and keep via fading, and also to rinse clothes cleaner plus more thoroughly. The smell does not stay in the clothes.

4. It eliminates soap scum from tub areas, tiles, and taps

5. This cleans floors, countertops, cabinets, walls, and other hard floors.

B. White vinegar is also used as a disinfectant.

1 . Vinegar is used to disinfect trashcans, bathrooms, kitchen areas, pet areas, door knobs and counters. Example Windex

2 . Applying vinegar to wash your house windows, glasses and mirrors can leave them clear of streaks and full of shine.

3. You can apply all of your washing by mixing one half cup of white vinegar per half cup of water, or by using the white vinegar...

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