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Karen Mae L. FernanFebruary 01, 2013

BS Biochemistry and biology 3

Groundwork 6A

1 ) Assume that diesel-powered fuel can be C14H30 which gasoline is octane. a. Calculate the quantity of energy (heat) – in kcal - each launches per gram when combusted. b. Compare each as fuel for trucks.

c. For what reason do so various large pickup trucks have diesel-powered engines?

Gasoline: C8H18

C8H18 (l) + 252O2 (g) 8CO2 (g) + 9H2O (g)

Standard Relationship energies:

H-C| 99 kcal/mol

C-C| 83 kcal/mol

O=O| 119 kcal/mol

C=O| 192 kcal/mol

H-O| 111 kcal/mol

Heat= [16(192)+18(111)] – [50(119)+18(99)+14(83)]

= 5, 070 kcal/mol – almost 8, 894 kcal/mol

= -3, 824 kcal/mol

= -33. 47 kcal/g C8H18

Diesel powered: C14H30

C14H30 (l) & 432O2 (g) 14CO2 (g) + 15H2O (g)

Heat= [28(192)+30(111)] – [43(119)+14(99)+26(83)]

= 8, 706 kcal/mol – 8, 661 kcal/mol

= 45 kcal/mol

= zero. 3938 kcal/g C14H30

Diesel-powered and fuel are two main causes of energy intended for today's cars. Both are through the same source, crude oil tend to be refined in a different way. These sources also have different chemical properties and each are burned in several ways. Diesel powered is easier to refine than gasoline, includes more strength than gas and the vehicle's engine combustable process is far more efficient. Diesel powered is denser and contain's 11% even more energy. It truly is more efficient in converting physical work because it operates by higher compression ratios and temperatures. Significant trucks and agricultural automobiles have diesel powered engines to take advantage of this bigger efficiency. Vehicles that use gasoline have to employ spark attaches in order to stir up the energy, which is because gasoline motors have low compression rate. The fuel and air are mixed and forced in the cylinder and compressed. The soark connect fires creating the blend to fire up and blow up, forcing the piston up and gives the automobile power. Diesel-powered engines have got much higher compressio ratios and does not anymore utilize spark...

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