Effects of Divorce on Children

 Effects of Divorce on Children Essay

Associated with Divorce in Adolescents

Zachary Priddy

Liberty University


Divorce is a critical matter and really should be evaluated as to what effect it is having on children which is early affects the continuing future of marriage. With all the growing divorce rate in america the effects of divorce must be appeared. The effects divorce has on adolescents must be looked at to see just how it a divorce today can affect perceptions and associations in future ages. When divorce has uncertain issues it could have a greater lasting influence on adolescents. Divorce acts very much like a fatality of a family member in the sense of the emotional response to the situation. While using grief method initiated due to a death there exists some seal and comfort in with the knowledge that it was death that separated the relatives unit. With divorce the grieving can continue for quite a while depending the circumstances of the divorce and situation with custody. In some instances the grief is never dealt with and is reopened during visitations and after that being stripped again through the parent to return to the guardianship holder.

Effects of Divorce on Teenage life

This kind of study of divorce is greatly influenced by the effects that have been noticed throughout many families. This study will handle the effects they have experienced and become compared to what national data is available to reference the comparison in the us. Family A will be a one income relatives that is along the way of divorce and family members B is a Family with a dual profits. This research will show side by side comparisons in the preliminary stages of divorce, the financial effect and causes of divorce, as well as the lasting effects of the divorce. The a comparison of families to national info will allow for an even more precise summary. Currently in the usa the divorce rate extends to nearly 50%. With a charge where practically one in just about every two couples divorces the results that it is having on our children and children. According to Clinton, Scharf, & Ohlschlager, (2005) research shows 35% of people who marry file for divorce, and 18% of those divorced are divorced multiple times. Costs of divorce are almost equal in Christian homes across America and are in the same way susceptible to divorce as current rates outside of the church (Clinton, ou. Al, 2005). With the costs of divorce climbing, the results that it is putting over current and future generations should be considered. In respect to Spratling (2009) " It is estimated that 40% of all partnerships have resulted in divorce as of 2008” (pg. 9a). After some time the rate has increased significantly. Spratling's report is usually showing that nearly half of those committed are closing in divorce. It was forecasted by Lewis and Sammons (2001) that by 2010 more than half of school age kids will have put in substantial period living in a single parent or stepfamily home. Two research showing that divorce not simply affects people who go through divorce financially, nevertheless also the nation as a whole through the additional taxes burden. A large number of people seek out help through social services programs, looking to lighten the financial responsibility of the loss of cash flow or to reduce the impact in the increased monetary burden because of attorney and court charges. A study revealed the improved financial burden caused by divorce. Schramm (2006) found that $33. several billion yearly is transferred to individual, communities, and state and federal government authorities through divorce. The issue with finances has to be considered when looking into divorce. In home where it is just a predominantly just one income the result of a divorce is major and the results with dual income can be equally strong. Taking two American people into consideration one which is a solitary income and one a dual profits the effects of financial situation could be found both creating devastation fiscally for each friends and family. Introduction of Families

Friends and family A has been a traditional family members in the sense the fact that father was the main profits earner with the mother as being a stay by...

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