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This case is founded on an actual occurrence which happened in an Military Unit implemented in discipline area. An element of a Electric battery (about Вј of an Cannon Regiment) was deployed within a snow bound high altitude part of Kashmir. This was the first time; an artillery unit was deployed in an region with roads and paths still under development. Prep of this area for such a development needed a lot of searching for firearms, pits for ammunition storage space, living place of the personnel, slit trenches and weapon pits intended for local protection against any possible enemy/terrorists' attack around the position, place for storage area of ration, cook-house and communication ditches, etc .

The overall strength of the party implemented there was:

Official - 1 (Second Lieutenant with regarding one year service)

Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) - 1]

Jawans – 40

The Battery Leader (BC) continued to be with the Regiment Headquarters in Srinagar (with the remaining portion of the Battery) in accordance with the orders from the commanding Official. There was a car or truck with the portion of the Battery which was deployed by high altitude to support in the daily administration from the troops like collection of ration, stores pertaining to preparation of defences, water, and ferrying of personnel from one destination to another. Your vehicle could proceed only upto a limited volume of places due to bad street conditions and steep gradients. Only one new driver was retained for this motor vehicle to reduce management problems due to more range of personnel. The automobile completed about 35 to 40 km's. of working daily in the routine obligations.

The part had only been inducted about a couple weeks back. The defences were being prepared which will involved large amount of effort in digging of hardened ground due to the chilly winter months of November. The defence retailers were to be gathered, once the searching was finish, from another Engineering Unit located about 5 kms. to the back. The roads were treacherous; with a range of stones and slides falling down occasionally during drizzle due to anticipation in atmosphere, there were sharp gradients, narrow roads with sheer is catagorized on one part due to the street having slice into the part of hillsides. The digging was finish by end November. In the month of December, snow fall at that site was predicted any time, as it had already started it is snowing in the higher reaches and tops of mountains. The digging had been completed in a record time of 2 weeks. The get together under the stewardship of the youthful officer acquired done a commendable job.

In the first week of December, the sole driver with the vehicle reported pain in the chest and problem in breathing. He was removed by heli the next day with instructions to tell the unit to send another new driver for the vehicle. It took around three days for any one to reach this area, with staying of two night's enroute to be able to acclimatize by simply stages. The detachment was going to be without any driver for approximately three times. Another drivers was comprehensive to proceed to this area, following having been clinically examined and located fit. Every day after the give of the rider, the fresh officer with this party arrived in the device and reported that the car had fallen from a hill-side highway and was completely destroyed. The office was at a complete condition of discompose and distress. What truly had occurred goes something like this.

Following the first driver of the automobile was evacuated, the weather started turning poor and it seemed that it was going to snow that working day. The expert realised that in case of snow all the initiatives put in by troops would venture waste, in case the dug-ins are not covered. Realising this, he borrowed a driver of the ambulance from a local medical unit to direct his vehicle intended for collection of defence stores. Following the stores was collected and dumped with the site of defences, the car was being influenced back to the party's location. Before it might reach this kind of...

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