Chapter 11 Brief summary Chem

 Chapter 10 Summary Chem Essay

п»їChapter 11


assumes the two shape and vol from the container

compressible, form homogenous w/ one particular another

D is more compact then liquids/solids and highly variable depending on T and P Kinetic Molecular theory

3/2RT sama dengan total kinetic energy

ВЅ mu2 sama dengan average kinetic energy

Urms speed of mol with average kinetic energy, its inversely proportional to the rectangular root of M

when Big t is the same

EX LOVER. Determine how much faster a helium atom moves, on average, compared to a carbon dioxide molecule at the same temp. The gustar masses of This individual and CO2 are some. 003 and 44. 02 g/mol, correspondingly.

Diffusion: mixing up of gas at random movement & repeated collision Effusion: escape of gas via a container to a place of vacuum

Gas Pressure

P= Force/area

Force: Newton or kilogram x m/s2

Pressure: Pascal or N/m2

Standard atm pressure

P= hdg

They would: height, m: density; g: 9. 80665 m/s2

one particular atm*= 101, 325 Pa

= 760 mmHg*

sama dengan 760 torr*

= 1 ) 01325 pub

= 13. 7 psi

barometer: evaluate atmospheric pressure

Monometer: measure pressures various other then atm pressure

Gas Laws

Boyles legislation: P at constatnt Capital t is iversely prop to V


EX: Compute the volume of the sample of gas at 5. 75 atm whether it occupies your five. 14 D at installment payments on your 49 credit. (Assume regular temperature. )

Charles Rules: V for constant P is straight prop to absolute Capital t V1/T1 = V2/T2

Avogadro law: Versus is directly prop to number of moles (n) for constant Big t and L V1/n1 = V2/n2

EX: What volume level in lt of drinking water vapor will be produced the moment 34 D of H2 and 17 L of O2 react according to the formula: 2H2(g) + O2(g) в†’ 2H2O(g) 34L of water will type

V is proportionate to the and, the well balanced equation can determine in what volume ratio the reactants incorporate and the proportion of item volume to reactant volume level. The levels of reactants given are stoichiometeric amounts. The Ideal Gas Equation

OR PV= nRT d= PM/RT d: density(g/L) and M: large molar mass(g/mol) L: 0. 08206 L amt/K mol

Standard Temperature and Pressure:

P= 1atm

T= 0C or 273. 15K...

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