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Cathay Pacific City, almost 8 Scenic Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong.


This report, comprising of secondary research discovered from several different sources will address the efficiency profile from the Hong Kong structured airline, Cathay Pacific. An organisational profile will be constructed detailing several aspects of the organization including Cathay Pacific's efficiency structure, products and services, markets, competition, financial information and the external influences they will encounter. An evaluation of each of such topics will also be made in in an attempt to see where the company can be prospering and where it is facing harmful effects. A short comparison of Cathay Pacific up against the UK organization, British Airways, will also be made to address briefly the comparison between these two companies.

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Cathay Pacific is a major international airline, and the flag transporter airline intended for Hong Kong. It includes passenger and cargo solutions as well as multiple other airline and travel services. The airline aims to be innovative and provide a fantastic standard of service leading it to win different awards and being known as one of the world's leading flight companies. Cathay Pacific was founded in September 1946 by two western males, Roy C. Farrell and Sydney H. de Kantzow, an Aussie and an American whom both equally put up the sum of 1 Hong Kong Dollars in order to enroll the business, the airline is currently a member of the Swire Group of Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific Site, 2012) and has additional airlines that contribute to it's success. This kind of innovative aircarrier has developed as time passes with the fast growing swiftly after the firm was founded priding itself in having the newest aircrafts to be able to ensure customer comfort-ability, and safety of passengers and cargo. Then simply in 1948, John Swire and Kids acquired a management share in the air travel that has helped the company to formulate itself even further over the years. Simply by 1959, Cathay Pacific got flight-rights to Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and numerous various other destinations about South East Asia through the late 1970's and early 1980's the airline was making long-haul routes to spots including Vancouver, Canada and London, Britain. Cathay Pacific cycles has been a great airline that is considered a very modern one with the most up to date equipment and services that undergo frequent innovative enlargement in order to keep this one of the best air carriers in the world and keeping Hong Kong a global aviation hub with regards to business, tourism and valuables traffic (Scribd, 2012).

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The organisational structure of a organization is often in correspondence to being one of the most efficient framework to achieve the company's missions and goals. For Cathay Pacific the company's eyesight is to become the most popular airline in the world having the slogan ‘Service Straight from the Heart', and because with this the companies composition is very routine, and emphasises the need for good service to most customers. The company's goals format that security should be the maximum priority when it comes to providing service for its clients, and it is for this reason that business structure dedicates a section to the anatomist and maintenance of aircraft. Cathay Pacific aims for item leadership, which is why it has dedicated time and investment to its e-business requirements allowing the corporation to be ground breaking and drive forward with new technology inside the airline business. Delivering remarkable financial...

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