CAPSTONE Project Agreement E Learning

 Essay about CAPSTONE Job Agreement Elizabeth Learning

La Consolacion University Korea

City of Malolos, Bulacan

College or university of Information Technology and Architectural


Complete Title

E – Learning Application for Information Technology and

Computer system Science Pupils

IT Adviser

Mr. Eduardo Torio

The english language Consultant

Ms. Marites Castro

Panel People

Provide a simple overview with regards to your chosen capstone project

This project is an electronic learning application or interactive test game that may enhance a student's information about I. T, programming different languages, latest trend on technology, social networking and more subject areas that are relevant to the course.

The person will suggestions their term upon starting the application so that it can save their particular information and the progress. It includes different amounts and problems. Some of the inquiries are multiple choices, recognition; fill in the blanks and etc.

Window-based applications general requirements

[X] Complete record structure

[X] Normalized tables

[X] Storage

[X] Complete data entry elements

[X] Proper routine service features

[X] Finish reports

[X] Data entry acceptance and mistake trapping

[X] Approval, security, data accuracy and integrity features [X] Google search

[X] Security

[X] Help file (. chm file)

[X] Network system (Database is usually stored in Machine OS seen by several clients operating client OS)

Web-based applications general requirements

[X] Things to consider for media systems

[X] Powerful pages (components of a page must be placed and reached in a database) [X] Incorporation of repair features

[X] Make use of database(s) with normalized tables in storing information [X] Organization/ group of topics or perhaps information

[X] Standard conformance, moveability, and obvious navigation [X] Search engine

[X] Record generation

[X] Meta tags & links


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