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In depth examination of legislation of Lading

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Student: Robert Armstrong

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Lecturer: Philip Cain

Subject: Maritime Law

Training course: Bachelor of Business (Maritime & Strategies Management)

Due Date: 9th May possibly 2011

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The ACL costs of ladings many condition provided reveal explanation with the terms and conditions of Carriage. The bill when associated with the Hague-Visby rules describes the legal rights and limits of the Jar and the Product owner in terms of responsibility and the liability for harm or damage or goods during the carriage. Clauses such as the liberty clause provide better limit's the Carrier's responsibility than can be describes in the H/V rules which therefore provides better protection towards the Carrier. The ACL invoice defines the defences that both the Company and the Service provider have. Specifically the Company has defences against nonpayment from the Vendor as the Carrier contains a lien in cargo and sub freights. The ACL bill aims to define who are able to be placed liable for destruction of loss to the items at any given period of the voyage and whether the party is entitled to any limits to the liability.

Table of Contents


Table of Contentsiii


Preliminary Clauses1

Clause you: Definitions1

Terms 2: Carrier's Tariff1

Terms 3: Providers Responsibility-Paramount Clause1

Clause 4: Delay, Resulting Loss2


Clause a few: Certain Privileges and Immunities for the Carrier and other persons3

Term 6: Package/Unit Limitation and Declared Value3

Clause 7: Time Bar4

Clause eight: Merchants Responsibility4

Clause 9: Containers5

Clause 10: Heat Controlled Cargo5

Clause 10: Matters Impacting on Performance5

Terms 12: Approach and Way of Transportation6

Clause 14: Charges6

Terms 15: Lien6

Clause 18: General Average7

Clause 17: Jurisdiction and Law7

Offer 18: Separability7

The Overall Meaning and A result of the Bill7




The Atlantic Pot Line invoice of lading contains various clauses which are detailed explanations of the terms and conditions of carriage. The bill runs under a global regime which usually determines the provisions of what rules apply to the check. Throughout this assignment the bill is susceptible to the provisions of the late 1960s Hague-Visby rules. The various classes within the bill provide details on the Carriers and Retailers responsibilities and obligations towards carriage. The check also identifies the rights and constraints of the Transporter and the Service provider in terms of responsibility and responsibility for harm or loss or merchandise during the buggy. Along with liabilities and responsibilities of the Carrier plus the Merchant the ACL bill defines the defences that every party have, and in particular the defence against non-payment from the Merchant. This kind of paper discusses the effects of the individual clauses in the bill and also the effect of the check as a full document when the Hague-Visby guidelines are utilized. Preliminary Classes

Clause 1: Definitions

Term 1 of the Ocean Container Range AB regular Bill of Lading deals with the meanings of key terms used over the bill. The term " Carrier” refers to a variety of individuals including the ACL, the vessel owner, and expert, charterer, pre-carrier or on-carrier that is associated with the buggy of goods. " Merchant” refers to the shipper, the consignee, the device of goods, the check of lading holder and anybody acting on behalf of those parties. The phrase " container” is known in a much more baud term than just pots it also includes trailers and pallets and any other means of consolidating merchandise during transfer. Clause 2: Carrier's Contract price

The provisions of the Carrier's tariffs happen to be incorporated until there are distinctions between the Carrier's tariff plus the bill of lading. In such a case the bill of lading...

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