A great Analysis in Working Capital Management of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited

 Essay on An Analysis on Working Capital Supervision of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited

An Evaluation on Seed money Management of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited

Notice of Transmittal

16th April, 2012


Umma Rumana Huq

Lecturer of Financial, School of Business

United International University (UIU)

House # 70, Road # 8A (Old-15)

Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209

Dear Madam,

Here is the suggestion report upon Working Capital Managing of " BEXIMCO DRUGS LTD. ” that you official in your notification on Feb . 29th, 2012. As you read the report, you will get some thought about the pharmaceuticals market of Bangladesh through the concerned corporation. This statement contains each of the necessary information about the BEXIMCO PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. since like the quest and perspective, the quick about all of the activities and their services that they performed plus some other problems as your advice. We gathered all this necessary information by simply internet, book and the total annual report. We, therefore , pray and wish that you will motivate our operate by accepting this report and if you could have any further questions about the report you may contact us.

SincerelyAccepted By

Maryland. Shaidul Hossain| ID-111092201|

Mujammil Alam Chowdhury| ID-111092080|

Maryland. Ibne Arafat Mazumder| ID-111091138|

Umma Rumana Huq

Executive brief summary

The history of Pharmaceuticals business of the firm dates back towards the early seventies, when it begun to import market and spread medicines by world renowned businesses like Upjohn inc. of USA and Bayer AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT of Germany. Since the beginning, the company was highly powerful in making increased with regard to its products which eventually validated local creation. According, a Pharmaceutical manufacturing facility was designed and constructed in 1980 beneath the technical direction of Upjohn Inc. of USA, to manufacturing many under permit. Product made under certificate of Bajuware (umgangssprachlich) AG of Germany followed. After their initial a lot of struggle, Beximco Pharma pennyless ground with the launching of its own goods in 1983. The company aims to build one of the most robust product portfolio inside the domestic marketplace. In 2005, forty nine (49) new products were introduced in the home market. October 21, june 2006 Beximco Pharma opened a fresh chapter in the corporate business history of Bangladesh by starting trading of its shares in the Alternate Investment Market (AIM) of London Stock market.

The objective of this kind of report is usually to know the total `Working Capital Management System of Beximco Drugs Limited' through the evaluation of inventory management system and to measure the financial research of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. In order to make the report even more meaningful and presentable the report is dependent on two causes of data and information called primary and secondary options for data.

This companies total authorized capital is (Taka) 2, 1000 million, total paid capital is (Taka) 1, 259. 57 , 000, 000, total number of shareholder is about 66, 1000 and range of employees happen to be 2310. Beximco Pharma's passed lots of breakthrough from 1976 to about 2012.

The name Beximco Pharma ensures you of several things: excellent product quality, leading-edge technology, advanced new products, and a commitment to serve the medical community. Beximco Pharma's products appear in a wide range of medication dosage forms which include tablets, supplements, dry syrup, powder intended for suspension, cream, ointment, uvulas, metered dose nasal sprays, large volume intravenous essential fluids, metered dosage inhalers etc . ensuring the global standard of quality. Inside the report we all will also evaluation the basic seed money management from the company which includes gross working capital, net working capital, operating circuit and money cycle. All of us will also evaluation the products on hand management system and inventory supervision techniques of Beximco pharma and the set order variety system that they followed. We will also examination the credit rating management by credit rating which include capital, capacity, collateral and...

Referrals: * Twelve-monthly Report of Beximco Pharmaceutical drug Limited (BPL) for the entire year 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006.



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