Affirmative Actions

 Affirmative Action Essay

Affirmative Action the good, the bad and the ugly

Dawn Fletcher-Adams

University of Louisville

Soc 210-01 Race in the us

America is known as " the land of opportunity” yet , most of the countries citizens are not able to enjoy the rewards that the title provides. Being able to attain scholastic desired goals, attend a four-year school, and to provide an influential career, are not obtainable for many, despite the fact that they work hard. Our country has long been plagued by an unattractive occurrence. An occurrence that finds its origins in the very primary of our society. It is a difficulty familiar in some ways to all individuals regardless of which will side with the argument we discover ourselves, but it remains unsolved. To verify that a problem exists, as Beverly, Tatum explains, we must 1st understand, racism as a system of advantage based on race, and white advantage as unjust enrichment through racial oppression, (Tatum, pg 10, 115). Next we have to look at the actions taken to level the playing field of advanced ethnic groups.

In the us racism and discrimination is known as a cruel actuality. For centuries at this point, local, express, and federal government governments have already been proactive in protecting or perhaps expanding the system of ethnic discrimination. White colored government representatives and programs have typically favored the racial and political-economic hobbies of light Americans. Govt programs traditionally provided much access to homesteading land and lots of other useful resources specifically to white-colored Americans (Feagin, 2010, l. 143). Within an affords toward concern to get equality, Affirmative action was made. It was built to counteract the effect that discriminatory practices have got embedded inside the American tradition. Affirmative action refers to plans that consider factors which includes " race, color, religious beliefs, gender, sex orientation, or national origin" into consideration to be able to benefit an under displayed group " in areas of employment, education, and business", usually justified as countering the...

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