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Academic Essay Format (100-150 words)

I. Subject Park can easily encourage the economy in Hk

II. Advantages

1 . Basic information about the subject matter discussed

The tourism sector is an important part of the economy of Hong Kong. Hotspots are the major income source of Hong Kong. Ocean Park and Disney Land are two of the killer spot in Hk. 2 . Thesis statement (that shows the writer's standpoint and options the major arguments in the body paragraphs) Theme park industry can inspire the tourism industry of Hong Kong and increase employment opportunities for hongkonger.

III. Body

1 ) Paragraph a single:

Topic sentence in your essay

Theme park industry facilitate the tourism sector of Hk. Evidence

a) Most of the holiday would like to take in in the theme park, as some item would be several with other city's theme park. b) When they go Hong Kong, they have to pay a few necessary service fees.

2 . Paragraph two:

Matter sentence

Theme park market provide the job opportunities for Hongkonger. Evidence

a) Theme park market provide many of the job position. It could decrease the lack of employment rate. b) When the Hongkonger was hired by the theme park, their getting power will increase. They can be more happy to consume. It can be encourage our economy of Hk.

IV. Conclusion (if virtually any at this preparing stage)

1 . Restate the thesis and major quarrels

Land scarcity is a trouble to impede theme park market further advancement.

2 . Last thought (including ways of improvements or approaches to a problem) Actually, Hong Kong have many of the idle property. If the federal government can redistribute the nonproductive land, it could solve the land scarcity problem.

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