70971 Level several Unit Dem304 Enable Rights

 70971 Level 3 Device Dem304 Enable Rights Dissertation

Unit Title:

Enable rights and choices of individuals with dementia

while minimising risks

Unit sector reference:




Credit rating value:


Guided learning hours:

twenty six

Unit expiry date:


Unit accreditation number:


Unit purpose and purpose

This device is about growing the learners' knowledge, understanding and skill of enabling the privileges and choices of the individual with dementia while minimising hazards. Learning Results

The novice will:

1 )

Understand essential

legislation and agreed

methods of working that

support the fulfilment of

rights and choices of

individuals with dementia

whilst minimising likelihood of


Assessment Criteria

The learner can:

1 . you

Explain the impact of essential

legislation that relates to

fulfilment of privileges and

selections and the

minimising of risk of

harm for an individual

with dementia

1 . 2

Assess agreed means of

working that relate to

legal rights and choices of an

specific with dementia

1 . three or more

Explain how and when

personal information

may be distributed to

carers and more,

taking into account

legislative frameworks

and agreed means of



Key guidelines:

п‚· Human Rights Action 1998

п‚· Mental Ability Act 2006

п‚· Adults with Incapacity

(Scotland) Act 2000

п‚· Mental Well being Act 2007

п‚· The Disability

Elegance Act 95

п‚· Shielding Vulnerable

Teams Act 06\

п‚· Carers (Equal

opportunities) Act 2005

Agreed techniques for working:

Contain policies and

procedures in which these are present;

they may be less formally

written about with microemployers

An individual is someone

needing care or perhaps support

Carers and others might be:

п‚· Treatment worker

п‚· Family

п‚· Advocate

п‚· Colleagues

п‚· Managers

п‚· Social member of staff

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Learning Final results

Assessment Conditions


п‚· Occupational Therapist


п‚· Conversation and Language


п‚· Physiotherapist

п‚· Pharmacist

п‚· Nurse

п‚· Specialist doctor

п‚· Psychiatrist


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